Ottawa Senators won Stanley Cup in 1920

The Senators captured the 191920 NHL title after they won both halves of the regular season, thus eliminating the need for a league championship playoff. Meanwhile, Seattle finished the 191920 PCHA regular season in first place with a 1210 record, but had to defeat the second place Vancouver Millionaires in a two-game total goals championship series, 73, to win the PCHA title.

The location of the series was under dispute. As the 1919 series was not completed, the PCHA wanted the 1920 series to take place out west. The NHL opposed the idea. The PCHA proposed playing the series in Winnipeg, but this was still not agreed to by the NHL. While the dispute continued, the schedules for both leagues was allowed to drag out, leading to a late starting date for the Final.

Seattle's green, red, and white uniforms looked almost alike to Ottawa's black, red, and white uniforms. The Senators agreed to play in white sweaters.

The puck was dropped for the first game of the series by Stanley Cup trustee William Foran to the centers Frank Nighbor and Frank Foyston. The ice became soft and pools of water developed.[2] Foyston scored two goals in the first period to put Seattle ahead 20. Nighbor scored on a shot that ricocheted off Morris of Seattle with 40 seconds to play in the second period. Nighbor tied it at the ten-minute mark of the third period. Jack Darragh scored the game-winning goal with four minutes to play on an assist from Eddie Gerard.

Vancouver Mayor Robert Gale dropped the puck to start game two, played under seven-man PCHA rules. Goaltender Clint Benedict led the Senators to a 30 shutout win. Ice conditions were again wet. Darragh scored at the 14-minute mark of the first period. In the third, Gerard stick-handled in and scored after six minutes. Nighbor finished the scoring with his third goal of the series with one minute to play.

Seattle won game three, 31, in a game notable for having no penalties called.[5] Seattle outplayed Ottawa but the score was kept close by Benedict. The first goal was scored at five minutes of the first, by George Boucher to put Ottawa ahead 10. Riley of Seattle scored to tie the game with two minutes to play in the first. Seattle took the lead on a goal by Foyston, after a steal by Walker from Darragh. The final goal was scored by Rickey on another set-up by Walker.

By consensus of league and team officials, the series was shifted to Toronto because of Ottawa's slushy ice conditions (The Ottawa Arena did not have artificial ice).

In game four Foyston scored after three minutes to give the Mets a lead which they did not relinquish. Rowe scored at the eight-minute mark to put the Mets ahead 20. In the second period, Nighbor scored after two minutes to draw Ottawa close. At the 6:55 mark, Walker scored on a back-hand to put Seattle again two goals ahead, before Nighbor scored his second to make the score 32 after two periods. Seattle scored twice in the third to win the game 52 and even the series.

In the fifth game, Rowe scored after ten minutes to put Seattle ahead 10, but Ottawa scored the next six to win the game 61. Boucher scored four minutes after Rowe to tie the score after one period. The score remained 11 after two periods. Darragh then scored after five minutes of the third to put Ottawa ahead. Gerard stick-handled through the Seattle team to put Ottawa ahead 31 three minutes later. Darragh then scored twice within a minute to record a hat-trick. Nighbor scored to finish the scoring.

For the series, Nighbor led in goals with six, while Foyston and Darragh scored five. Benedict recorded a 2.20 goals against average (GAA) during the series. Hap Holmes recorded a 3.00 GAA. It was Holmes' fourth consecutive Stanley Cup Final, and his fifth to that point (1914, 1917, 1918, 1919, 1920). Each Senator received $390.19 in prize money, while each Metropolitan received $319.39.

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