This is the ideal ticket for 2020

Elizabeth Warren is a marvelous candidate who has already earned the wrath of the establishment. If you listen to the media today, specifically CNN, on January 5, 2019, she does not stand a chance of defeating Donald Trump in 2020. What are CNN's pundits smoking?

Elizabeth Warren singlehandedly occupied the seat formerly held by Ted Kennedy by refusing to be intimidated by Scott Brown's shiny new truck, invariably financed by Tea Party Birthers, the Koch Brothers. She is always a formidable candidate. Brown was a dork and Donald Trump is an even bigger dork. Why would anybody suggest that Elizabeth Warren is too divisive to be the President of the United States when America needs a female candidate who is able to defeat a dork like Donald Trump?

Here's what we all know about Elizabeth Warren. Once she becomes the frontrunner, she will be unstoppable and that evidently terrifies the media, for some rather strange and inexplicable reason.

History proves that liberal-leaning, interventionist presidents are far better stewards than conservative, laissez-faire warmongers and just like Franklin Delano Roosevelt saved U.S. capitalism from its own excesses, Elizabeth Warren is geared to set up the infrastructure which will save capitalism again.

The insight of history was ignored in 1980, when Nixon (Reagan was merely the acting President) defeated Carter, it was ignored in 1988, when George H. Walker Bush defeated Dukakis and turned the CIA into the Pentagon, it was ignored in 2000 when Dick Cheney (George W. Bush was merely his mouthpiece) defeated Gore and again in 2004 when Cheney defeated Kerry, and it was ignored when Trump defeated Clinton in 2016.

America can no longer afford to ignore the insight of history.

Beto O'Rourke is Warren's ideal running mate for rather obvious reasons -you can figure them out yourself.

There are many ambitious and capable Democrats, but in my judgement, Warren and Beto are the ideal ticket because Ms. Warren has demonstrated a quality the office demands -it's called patience and decency. Despite every effort to recruit her in 2016, she resisted the temptation because she was loyal to "Queen Hillery" and that makes her candidacy even more deserving and endearing.

Do not let America down again -make it happen. America needs 16 years of Democratic leadership to repair the damage that Republicans have done, and now that everybody understands the obvious, it's time to unite behind the most dynamic ticket.

There can only be one President and it is time to give the people a ticket worth fighting and voting for, do not make the same mistake again because the luxury of being able to continuously gamble with the future has expired.

Polluting the Sunday Talk Show Circuit with her routine and hysterical, anti-Democrat propaganda, on Sunday January 6, 2019, Cindy McCain said that Elizabeth Warren's candidacy was "dead on arrival" and that alone should convince every man and woman in America that Pocahontas is worth supporting.

Here's my prediction; In 2020, a Blue Wave Tsunami will make the Republican party obsolete and all we really need to make sure the will of the people is finally respected is an army of volunteers to make it absolutely certain that every single vote cast, will be counted.

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