Awareness cannot be cultivated. It is an effortless process that flows like blood through the veins. If it feels like we are becoming more aware, it is merely because we are dissolving the psychological hindrances which cloud awareness.

A lack of awareness is like clouds that obscure the light of the sun.

The sun exists, it cannot be added or subtracted from our awareness. When we create an atmosphere where the clouds gradually begin to move, the light of our inner nature spreads over all of our faculties. As an experience, it seems like we are coming towards more awareness. In fact, we are becoming more conscious of things which are already there but have remained outside of our perception because our attention was not focused in the right direction.

We must therefore dissolve the root causes of our ignorance to be more aware. When we understand the obstacles which prevent us from seeing with clarity, we can confront them and observe them to be able to see things as they are, rather than as they apear to be.

To find truth, bring the mind to a complete stillness and observe everything unfold. The truth is always very clear whether we fail to see it or not.

You do not attain anything when you discover the truth. You merely observe what has always been by dissolving the obstacles that cloud awareness.

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