The fulsome truth is three dimensional. It has object, subject and context.

Brett Kavanaugh seeks to derail the laborious path to exposing the truth through concealment, distortion, evasion and deflection.

In his job interview before the Senate, Judge Kavanaugh brazenly misrepresented the toxic, cultural climate he had embraced while in high school and in college, and his lack of candor has been universally condemned as a result.

In particular, Kavanaugh angrily deflected questions about heavy drinking and the meaning of the word Boofing through a casual, "everybody does it" refrain, whose extreme defiance clearly proved that Justice Kavanaugh does not possess the temperment required to serve on the Supreme Court.

What is Boofing?

The rather snarky, slang/urban dictionary definition of Boofing described it as follows; "Boofing is a simple game of thrusting your genitals into another persons face, while doing so saying the words Boofed. This means you have been boofed and you will have to boof them back."

Slang words like Boofing and Wilding typically relate to some kind of tribal, bullying behaviour and while I cannot conclusively determine what Justice Kavanaugh and Mark Judge actually meant when they both referred to the term in their yearbook, the assertion that “boofing” referred to “flatulence” is as credible as Kavanaugh's effort to blame Senator Amy Klobuchar for his excessive drinking problem.

Needless to say, if Boofing was Farting, Brett Kavanaugh would have been laughing rather than defensively sneering at Senator Sheldon Whitehouse.

“You want to talk about flatulence at age 16 on a yearbook page? I’m game,” Kavanaugh angrily proclaimed.

No, Judge Kavanaugh. We want to talk about the fact that a word like Boofing, rather than referring to the solitary act of farting (unless of course, group farting was the craze) more consistently translate to words associated with sexual exploitation and the clear and compelling allegations of complainants like Deborah Ramirez evidently reflect your obsession to Boof much clearer than any spectacular evasion.

Deborah Ramirez said that a drinking game at Yale during their freshman year, Kavanaugh put his penis in her face and caused her to touch it without her consent.

Kavanaugh firmly denies the allegations but the public believes them because Kavanaugh's efforts to misrepresent the culture of drunken fraternities where preppy privilege and reckless sexism ran rampant, have backfired.

Kavanaugh did not merely wave his penis in her face without her consent at a college party, he Boofed her.

Needless to say, Kavanaugh tried to get his friends to refute her allegations, but that too confirmed the reliability of Ms. Ramirez's claims because if Kavanaugh was in fact innocent of what was alleged, he would have contacted Deborah Ramirez directly, he would not have required multiple "alibis" to refute the simple truth.

Also predictably, Kavanaugh lied to Congress to conceal his wrongdoing.

Anticapatory defences are signs of guilt. For example, in the light of his routine obsession to conceal, Kavanaugh's claim that he is 100 percent somebody else molested Ford is nothing more than a deliberate attempt to refute the claim of a sexual assault survivor and Kavanaugh either remembers the assault and is lying in effort to conceal it or he was too drunk to be able to say, one way or the other.

Clearly, it is not possible for Judge Kavanaugh to credibly challenge the testimony of Professor Christine Blasey Ford and it is simply ludicrous to suggest otherwise.

Consequently, the fact that Republicans enlisted Arizona prosecutor Rachel Mitchell, who was obviously tasked with the objective to discredit sexual assault victim, Professor Ford, is a national, inexcusable disgrace the public should never overlook.

Mitchell even demonstrated the brazen, Kavanaugh-like audacity to issue a report attacking Ford's credibility, concluding with "I do not think that a reasonable prosecutor would bring this case based on the evidence before the Committee. Nor do I believe that this evidence is sufficient to satisfy the preponderance-of-the-evidence standard."

The simple, undeniable fact is that the only credibility that has been irrefutably lost is that of Justice Kavanaugh, Rachel Mitchell and the Republicans who hired her. By failing to prove that she herself is a reasonable prosecutor, Rachel Mitchell should never see the inside of a court room again unless she is defending obstruction of justice charges for seeking to discredit the victim rather than the sexual assault perpetrator.

Elie Honig, a former federal and state prosecutor and currently a Rutgers University scholar, described Rachel Mitchell extraordinary incompetence, as reflected by the report she issued to Senate Republicans, in the following terms:

In other words, according to Mitchell, it is more likely than not that Ford was mistaken when she testified that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her. By providing cover for Republican senators unwilling to question Ford themselves, Mitchell has done a disservice to her fellow prosecutors and law enforcement agents, and to the victims she is duty-bound to protect.

As an experienced sex-crimes prosecutor, Mitchell certainly understands that the highest calling of any law enforcement officer is to protect crime victims. The Arizona state constitution, which Mitchell is sworn to uphold, provides that victims have the right "to be treated with fairness, respect, and dignity, and to be free from intimidation, harassment, or abuse, throughout the criminal justice process."

It is unclear how Mitchell can reconcile her efforts to take down Ford -- publicly and in coordination with inherently partisan politicians -- with this obligation.

A prosecutor's obligation to protect victims is particularly strong in sex-crimes cases, which historically are badly underreported because victims often experience trauma, shame and distrust of the criminal justice system.

Shame on Rachel Mitchell.

In particular, Kavanaugh's consistent tendency to get away with lying creates the impression that Judge Kavanaugh is above the rule of law and that is clearly a problematic repudiation which makes an entire mockery of the judicial process.

Does for example, anybody doubt that Kavanaugh repeatedly dodged questions about his drinking, and that the relevance of that cannot possibly be underestimated, under the circumstances?

Even if both Mark Judge and Brett Kavanaugh continue to claim that the words Boofing and Farting are synonymous, they are both deliberately misrepresenting and concealing controversial pasts and there is no other relevance to such deceptions.

Efforts to conceal the sexual assault, party culture at the all-male high school Georgetown Prep, merely confirm the obvious, and the details will continue to emerge for as long as Justice Kavanaugh is in the spotlight because victims never forget and their stories will continue to circulate until a credible narrative where the victims feel vindicated, begins to emerge -and then, everybody can begin to heal.

There is certainly very little mystery behind the life of of Kavanaugh soulmate, Mark Judge, who provided a pretty good summary of the party culture at Georgetown Prep in his book, Wasted.

The following Wikipedia excerpt describes the nature of his book:

Wasted describes in detail the author's secondary education memories, particularly those involving heavy alcohol usage by his peers and himself at Georgetown Preparatory School. The author writes that the social environment of his peers at the school was, "positively swimming in alcohol". Judge recounts a hookup culture involving binge drinking, especially during a period of time at the school known as "Beach Week". Judge defined "Beach Week" at Georgetown Preparatory School as a "week-long bacchanalia of drinking and sex, or at least attempts at sex". The author discusses a phrase, "100 Kegs Or Bust", in relation to excessive alcohol drinking during his times at Georgetown Preparartory School. Judge remembers a student he refers to as Bart O'Kavanaugh who passed out and threw up in a car. The author recounts going to drink alcohol with his friends at bars for many evenings in a row. He presents in-depth memories of orgies and attempts to have sex fueled with alcohol at residences along the beach shoreline.

Judge recounts episodes of heavy drinking and blackouts during his four years of study at Catholic University of America. The author is able to graduate from university in spite of heavy alcohol use. Judge acknowledges in the book that in his later twenties, he regularly blacked out while drunk, and awoke in locations with no memory of having arrived there. The author describes a panic attack episode at a wedding of a peer, which brought him to the realization that he needed to cease imbibing in alcoholic beverages.

While I would have preferred to provide a first hand account of Wasted the book is no longer made available to the public -is anybody surprised? In a 2015 speech Kavanaugh gave at Catholic University’s Columbus School of Law, Kavanaugh said “Fortunately, we had a good saying that we’ve held firm to. What happens at Georgetown Prep stays at Georgetown Prep.” After a smattering of laughter, Kavanaugh continued, “That’s been a good thing for all of us, I think.”

That all changed when the women who were the victims of the "bacchanalia of drinking and sex, or at least attempts at sex" began to publicly share their experiences.

If Kavanaugh feels that he is being treated unfairly because what happened at Georgetown Prep should have stayed at Georgetown prep, he is partly right but mostly wrong.

Reasonable people do not oppose Kavanaugh because of what he did in his youth but because he is tempermentally unfit to serve on the bench. The Supreme Court requires independent, objective, judicious and reasonable people, not hyper-partisan snipers.

When Ruth Bader Ginsburg told the Senate that voted to confirm her ninety-six to three, “My approach, I believe, is neither liberal nor conservative,” she confirmed the requirement of a suitable, Supreme Court Justice candidate, Judge Kavanaugh is clearly not that man, and for that reason, any Senator who votes to confirm the Kavanaugh nomination is making a dreadful error.

Moreover, the entire nation (excluding partisan Republicans) is clearly aware of the fact that Kavanaugh lied to Congress and if the FBI does not uncover that, it will be a serious blow to the reputation of the FBI.

Next: We need an accountable media.




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