By Author and Investigative Reporter LOUIS KAKOUTIS
Wed., June 27, 2018


Government secrecy surrounding Kennedy assassination still conceals the obvious truth for the same obvious reasons -the justification of war demands secrecy and propaganda.
Anyone who takes the time to scrutinize the historical record will clearly understand the truth.


Unlike Dean Rusk and Lyndon Johnson, who died defending the myth that the war in Vietnam was inevitable, Robert S. Mcnamara essentially confessed to the facts which are responsible for the murder of President John F. Kennedy when he said;

"...during the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s the West ofter misperceived, and therefore exaggerated, the power of East and its ability to project that power, to have failed to defend ourselves against the threat would have been foolhardy and irresponsible.

That said, today I question whether Soviet or Chinese behavior and influence in the 1970s and 1980s would have been materially different had the United States not entered the war in Indochina or had we withdrawn from Vietnam in the early or mid-1960s. By then it should have become apparent that the two conditions underlying President Kennedy's decision to send military advisers to South Vietnam were not being met, and, indeed, could not be met: political stability did not exist and was unlikely ever to be achieved; and the South Vietnamese, even with our training assistance and logistical support, were incapable of defending themselves.

Given these facts-and they are the facts-I believe we could and should have withdrawn from South Vietnam either in late 1963 amid the turmoil following Diem's assassination or in late 1964 or early 1965 in the face of increasing political and military weakness in South Vietnam."

This retrospective confessioin proves that Robert McNamara was not a Cold War Ideologue like Dean Rusk and Lyndon Johnson, but he nevertheless acted like one and that is the tragic truth.


Next: John F. Kennedy was murdered by the culture which insisted that ending the Vietnam war an unthinkable burden.

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