Mental Disorders
by Mat Wilson

November 3, 2012

Are you crazy

There is something very strange in the water today and we desperately require a filter to block the contaminant because if we don't we are all subject to be destroyed by total insanity.

A new, undiagnosed mental illness, psychotic dissonance threatens to undermine and destroy everything we have or have not in this fragile democracy and we need to overcome it immediately because we are running out of time.

The failure to act will totally destroy our ability to communicate and if this mental illness progresses, it will not be long before the entire world devolves into an absolute state of chaos and irreversible decline.

The symptoms of this mental illness were famously exposed during the first debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney. Intelligent people have repeatedly insisted that Mitt Romney cleaned Obama's clock and in the same breath, they say Mitt Romney lied through his teeth. How is it possible to win a debate when you lie through your teeth and everybody knows it?

We have become a society where truth and substance have taken a back seat to appearance and as long as that is the case, we undermine the integrity of everything we say and do. Romney allegedly won the first debate because he was more assertive, more aggressive and more deceptive. In other words, he acted like a total lunatic who was out of touch with reality and Obama allegedly lost because he was awe struck.

What a crazy world.

Instead of simply acknowledging the serious, psychotic dissonance plague, we ignore typical self-deception at our own peril. The confusion we create evolves and grows. On the one hand, a staggering over-diagnosis of mental illness is being encouraged by the extremely subjective and inclusive DSM-V, which is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, and on the other, we embrace the claim that a total lunatic like Mitt Romney has the capacity and ability to win a debate against President Obama. Is that what we call "normal"?

What we desperately require to be able to objectively diagnose mental illness is the integrity and the ability to precisely define a mental disorder without the current breadth of subjectivity which has rendered the psychiatric profession practically useless for most people.

If you do not require medication to be able to function in society, a psychiatrist cannot help you in this prescriptive culture we have created and we need a more descriptive and more accommodating remedy which embraces the kind of scientific objectivity that most people look for and deserve when the Brain Therapy profession is consulted.

Clearly, the culprit of the new insanity is unresolved, cognitive dissonance. When we are constantly bombarded by conflicting cues which challenge the opportunity to be objective and authentic, our prejudices cloud the capacity to comprehend the simple truth and that should be called psychotic dissonance.

Do you still think that Mitt Romney won the first presidential debate or did he merely lose his credibility?

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