May 9, 2018

"To be obliged to fight the instincts is a form of degeneration. No life that breathes with human breath has ever truly longed for death." ~Nietzshe and Tennyson

Truth is very rare because it demands uncommon integrity, uncommon intelligence and the uncommon capacity to be studiedly un-systematic.

What exactly does that mean?

All the talking heads who urge politicians of all stripes to be dogmatically "on message" are a new version of the timeless problem Nietzsche identified when he said, "there are more idols than realities in this world."

Talking heads and echo chamber journalism censor newspapers through common orthodoxy and the truth gets lost in the shuffle.

We are wise, dutiful and superior. Blindly idealistic in the midst of squalor, we pound our chests, self-satisfied that "we" are always right and "they" are always evil. We consequently become as effective as the Ministry of Propaganda that worked hard to ensure that people were persuaded to adopt the Nazi point of view.

Propaganda forces a doctrine on the whole people, and that is exactly what the media deliberately or inadvertently does when it criticizes and attacks politicians because they are not "on message". Isn't that why we blindly say "the adults are in charge" when somebody who shares our ideology blames the Russians for the fact that we cannot even confirm the accuracy of our own elections?

Like Josef Goebbels, who controlled the Propaganda Ministry which aimed to brainwash people into obeying the Nazis, unchallenged propaganda is responsible for every illegal war since the unanimous, Gulf Tonkin resolution made it look like the failure to win in Vietnam was as conseqeuential as losing against Hitler. That was a clear and transparent fraud and instead of learning from our errors, we doubled down.

Isn't it easy to destabilize independent nations when we insist that their leaders are as evil as Hitler was? How far are we from the point when these tactics will inevitably lead to mutually assured destruction?

Drop the certainty that we did the right thing when we bombed independent nations back to the stoneage.

Wars are never won. They only produce unacceptable destruction. Hitler is dead but propagandists who act like Josef Goebbels are keeping his tactics alive.

Nietzsche deserves the final word: "Only degenerates find radical methods indispensible. Weakness of will, or strictly speaking, the inability to react to a stimulus, is in itself another form of degeneracy."

It's all very complicated, but the simple truth is not.

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Nixon was in Dallas on November 22nd 1963.

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