American philosopher, Arthur, Harry G. Frankfurt responded to the question “why are truths useful” in the following manner;

“When we are engaged in active life, or when we attempt to plan and to manage our various practical affairs, we are undertaking to cope with reality (some of this reality being of our own making, most of it not). The outcomes of our efforts-as well as the `value to us of those outcomes-will depend, at least in part, on the properties of the real objects and events with which we are dealing. They will depend on what those real objects and events are like, on how they fit into our interests, and on how, given their causally relevant features, they respond to what we do.

Insofar as truths possess instrumental value, they do so because they capture and convey the nature of these realities. Truths have practical utility because they consist of, and because they therefore can provide us with, accurate accounts of the properties (including, especially the casual powers and potentialities) of the real objects and events with which we must deal when we act.

We can act confidently, with a reasonable expectation of success, only if we have enough relevant information. We need to know enough about what we are doing, and about the problems and opportunities that are likely to turn up along our way. Knowing enough is a matter here of knowing enough about the facts-that is about the realities-that are critically pertinent to our current projects and concerns. It is, in other words, a matter of knowing as much of the truth about those realities as is necessary in order for us intelligently to formulate and accomplish our goals.”

Now what is a liar? According to Dr. Frankfurt; “A liar knows the truth and is trying to convince us of something different.”

To discover the truth, it is consequently vital to always expose the hidden motivation behind every lie. The media does not do that very well. We do and it is therefore necessary and essential for you to explore our links, if you are tired of being deceived.

Lying is an attempt to conceal the truth by substituting something to replace it with something that isn't true -and that is why every cover-up is potentially such a serious crime.

The only problem is that the resources that are applied to keep the truth buried are frequently greater than those applied to the effort to expose the truth.

Harry Frankfurt denounces the false realities of lunatics like Ted Cruz, who said that "climate change is not science. It's religion." That is what he calls offensive and insulting, and it evokes fierce resistance because "we do not want a substitute for truth. We resist it wherever we find it."

The purpose of concealing the truth is to manipulate the listener, it is a repugnant practice and it ought to cease because the need to revive and secure the faltering state of our democracy has never been greater.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Harry Gordon Frankfurt is an American philosopher. He is professor emeritus of philosophy at Princeton University, where he taught from 1990 until 2002, and previously taught at Yale University, Rockefeller University, and Ohio State University.

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