The lessons of the Vietnam war are still in hot dispute.

The ones who wanted war were known as the "Hawks" and who didn't were known as the "Doves." The hawks believed that due to the aggression of North Vietnamese it forced the US into war. They thought that the United States should do what ever was necessary to win.

When the war was over, the "Hawks" were angry at the government for not allowing them to do whatever was necessary to win the war and the "Doves" were angry at the government for not telling them the truth about the war.

Where are we today?

Watch the short video and listen very carefully to the extreme difference between the "Hawks" and the "Doves".

Today, the difference between Hawks and Doves has been muted by propaganda -there is very little "Dove" opposition left and that has created an extremely dangerous world.

Next: We need to focus on justice.



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