December 5, 2017

We vigorously defended Clinton when he was inappropriately targeted by Ken Starr, and if you are an American, whether you love Trump or despise him, it is your duty and obligation to defend Donald Trump for the very same reasons that Bill Clinton was ultimately deemed to be "Not Guilty".

This is not a defence of the policies of Donald Trump, because he has none. Consequently, in some respects, he is a pawn of the very same culture that limited Obama's capacity to do as much good as we wished -like the need to declare that health care is a human right that should be available to every individual, without any exclusion.

Suffice to say, the insanity of the current political mess is deeply rooted, and we merely cover the surface for the sake of illustrating the consequence of common misconception.

First and foremost, the media and the public needs to drop the delusion that Watergate was anything more than the cover up that succceeded, because if we do not understand where we have been, the current confusion of where we are going will merely increase our disturbing sense of uncertainty.

It is consequently clear and obvious to those of us who have studied Watergate judiciously that the failure to resolve that crisis in an adequate manner is responsible for the current, political climate.

Contrary to popular misconception, Watergate was not a third-rate burglary. It was, if the crisis was clearly understood, the tumor that kept growing since JFK was assassinated in 1963, and it continues to grow.

Aside from the nonsense that the Watergate burglars were petty criminals who got caught, they were in fact, unrestrained, political operatives. Howard Hunt, Gordon Liddy and Frank Sturgis had established a track record of plotting murder in effort to destroy their political enemies, their well established reputation is solidly documented and it is folly to ignore it

The relationship between Sturgis and Nixon stretched back to the Eisenhower years when they were co-patriots in the struggle to assassinate Castro through bizarre assassination plots that were never reported in the media in sufficient detail to betray the depth of the illegalities they routinely embraced. They had even tried to brainwash Castro's mistress in effort to turn her into a CIA-trained assassin.

Plots which included the attempt to murder Castro through a poisoned cigar were merely the tip of the iceburg, and Frank Sturgis in particular, enthusiastically embraced them all. Sturgis had initially supported the revolution in Cuba and fought side by side with Castro, but anti-Communist hysteria turned the former object of an honorable revolution into a perpetual target of assassination.

Watergate operatives were not third-rate burglars, they were trained assassins, and that is why Richard Nixon resigned -to keep the truth about politically targeted hits, a secret.

In 1963, President Kennedy declared war on the paramilitary operations of anti-Castro extremists and they responded with disdainful comments like: "In Florida, where we were once welcome, we must now operate in the hills of Escambray. We are watched like criminals." By the fall of 1963, former soldiers-of-fortune like Sturgis, who had expected the cooperation of their government, were primed to oppose a new enemy -not Castro, the Communist abroad, but Kennedy, the so-called Communist at home."

In the final analysis, crackpot extremists like Frank Sturgis, embraced the same methods for use against both foreign and domestic enemies, and that is the real consequence of scandals like Watergate.

Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill President Kennedy. In the final analysis, he was murdered because he planned to end the Vietnam war (out by 1965) and "patriots" like Johnson, Nixon, Hoover, Rusk considered it their duty to reverse his plans.

If you actually think that the Watergate burglars merely broke into buildings, planted bugs, and photographed documents in effort to re-elect Nixon, you ignore history. The fact is, the only reason that Nixon ever became President is because two Kennedys were murdered and one was too young and inexperienced to oppose him when it counted.

Those who think the Nixon nightmare was overcome through the power of investigative journalism are sleepwalking. In fact, Nixon's impeachment is responsible for every manifestation that is dividing us today, including Fox news, which was developed by Rupert Murdoch, to give tyrants like Richard Nixon the "legitimacy" they craved.

As Nixon biographer Sam Anson uncovered, Nixon has had an almost uninterrupted capacity to influence White House decision making, AFTER he was impeached. Code-named the Wizard, Richard Nixon had direct access to the Ford White House through an elaborate secret communication set up. Nixon's almost unbroken link to the White House was briefly interrupted by Carter, who was predictably loathed Carter because he was not fanatically anti-Communist.

When Reagan won the election, Nixon's white House power was omnipotent because Reagan was a hands-off President who gave Nixon and CIA Director, Bill Casey the opportunity to direct and even control American foreign policy. Historian, Sam Anson described the incredible degree of influence that Nixon exercised over the Reagan White House when he said:

"Nixon gets into his office every morning about 7:30. By noon he Will have made and taken 40 calls, most of them to Washington. First he calls the White House and talks to (presidential counsellor) Ed Meese, (national security adviser) Bud McEarlane, and President Reagan. Then he starts working the State Department. Everyone from (Secretary of State) George Schultz on down. He not only gives advice on foreign policy, but on politics in general. What he says is taken very seriously. The tone of the Reagan era was set during the election campaign, when Ronald Reagan offered Casey the opportunity to be his campaign manager. Reagan was in awe of the intelligence spook who organized intelligence missions behind enemy lines for Eisenhower during World War II and as soon as Casey joined the campaign, Reagan said: "You're the expert Bill. Just point me in the right direction and I'll go".

Richard Nixon, Casey's ideological twin, was the senior partner of the foreign policy that was shaped in the 1980's. Ronald Reagan was nothing more than a trusting subject who enthusiastically embraced the path that Nixon and Casey paved.

Absolute loyalty defined the relationship between Casey and Nixon. In 1970, when anti-war demonstrators disturbed President Nixon, Bill Casey let it be known that anyone who opposed the war was misinformed and irresponsible. With Ronald Reagan in the White House, Bill Casey and Richard Nixon claimed the right to define the course of American foreign policy and Casey's unswerving support for Nixon made it all possible."

Casey had even supported Nixon through the Watergate crisis when he wrote:

"All of your friends, all of us who view you as a national asset with a historic mission, and the general public, want to pull all the political shenanigans behind us and get on with the vital things to be done."

Consequently, Richard Nixon effectively privatized American foreign policy, that is essentially what the Iran-Contra scandal was all about and it began even before the Inauguration of president-elect, Reagan.

Remember the book, October Surprisse, which exposed the plot to delay the release of American hostages held in Tehran until after the election, to sabotage Jimmy Carter's prospect of becoming a two term president? The allegation was vigorously denied but a brief item in the New York Times dated July, 30 1980, exposed the otherwise inexplicable absence of Reagan's campaign manager in the following terms; "William Casey plans to open negotiations with the Right to Life group when he returns from a trip abroad."

The question remains; Why wasn't Ronald Reagan impeached for the fact that his Administration had privatized American Foreighn Policy? The answer is, because Watergate was never properly investigated and exposed.

The Casey/Nixon agenda defined the Reagan years, and the so-called Reagan revolution was in fact a re-visitation of the lawless Nixon years. Accomplished in the art of plotting clandestine schemes, Nixon and Casey ushered in an unprecedented reign of terror with a vengeance. Carter had interrupted the unfinished agenda of the Nixon White House and the first order of producing the dissent-free environment tyrants demand was the prompt "liquidation" of priority target, John Lennon. Hard to believe? Not if you carefully review the facts.

On December 2, 1980, Richard Nixon betrayed the pre-planned agenda of the Reagan White House in his book, The Real War, wherein he claimed confidence in what he called "the background of those new policies that will now begin to emerge as the new administration takes office." Nixon's book paints the paranoid portrait of a nation waging an obsessive battle to win World War III, and he made himself the hero of his megalomaniac obsession.

The home front of Nixon's so-called Real War was the realm of ideals and ideas, and according to the perversity he actively promoted "we will have to compromise some of our cherished ideals" as long as the battle is waged "in the name of that supreme priority." Nixon extolled the virtue of waging covert, unethical war to support friends and destroy enemies and justified his absolute commitment to do whatever was necessary, including the need to murder a "peacnik" like John Lennon, because, as Nixon insisted, "in World War III there is no substitute for victory." Committed to contain communism through the methods and means that totalitarian states deploy, Richard Nixon claimed that "senseless terrorism is often not as senseless as it may seem. To the Soviets and their allies, [and to those who deploy their tactics] it is a calculated instrument of national policy."

And so, if we want to fix the present, we need to understand and learn from the past, because the present is still controlled by tyrants like Richard Nixon.

Next: The undisclosed crime of FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover.

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