Why is the FBI consistently one step behind criminals like Trump, Jeffrey Epstein and Matt Gaetz? Most of us instinctively understand the fact that if America had worked, Kushner, Stone, Trump, Banister, Bossie, Giuliani and Pompeo would have been arrested BEFORE Jan 6, 2021. It is consequently quite clear and obvious that the FBI is still playing catch-up and it is onlty a matter of time...

If the FBI declares war on secrecy, ignorance, corruption and deception it will eliminate the violence of politically motivated, domestic terrorism. Moreover, the tactics of Republicans who use dark money for dirty tricks and who make it harder to vote must also be eliminated.

Karl Rove and Roger Stone think they're being cute when they use dark money to devise schemes that make people vote for the wrong candidate, but the fact is, they are nothing more than unindicted/pardoned criminals and they, including Rove's good friend, Louid DeJoy, must be held accountable for their malignant schemes to win elections through unacceptable fraud.

Next: History unfolds as it should.






Trump's Death Squads failed to kill Pelosi and
Pence. Who else was on Trump's enemies list?